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Due to the original development of Guangzhou Talent & Associates was from China and extended to other countries, our logo reflects the strong Chinese presence and also the global development future. The left part of the logo with orange and red color means the first letter T of TALENT. Orange and red stand for warm and bright, represent our luck and prosperity for the meanwhile. The right part of the logo with the blue color means the third letter L of TALENT. Blue is calm and stable, represents our serious working style. And the Chinese name of our firm is 腾麟, Pin Yin of 腾麟is Teng Lin, also it’s the first letter of the Teng Lin. When combined, the logo looks like the Chinese “广”, now you might know the first meaning of it present the city 广州Guangzhou, and another one like we understand deep inside our heart are expansion, promotion and grand. On the first hand, it perfectly shows the prospect and value; on the other hand, it shows our firm has the bright and successful future to our client and staff.

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